Wellstream X

Wellstream X houses our initiatives centred on addressing research and programming gaps related to emergent health and social issues affecting mental health and substance use of children, youth and their communities across Canada and globally. The broad impacts of Wellstream X projects reflect that strong organizational partnerships that drive this work.

Covid and Mental Health

Our COVID and Mental Health project launched in spring of 2020 as COVID-19 emerged as a global pandemic. In partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Mental Health Foundation of the United Kingdom, we mobilized to monitor the evolving mental health impacts of the pandemic on our populations. This work contributed timely evidence and informed various governments, healthcare organizations and communities as they worked to strengthen mental health responses during this unprecedented time. 

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Global Mental Health

The International Union for Health Promotion and Education is a global network of professionals committed to promoting the health of populations around the world. As part of the IUHPE Global Working Group on Mental Health Promotion, Wellstream provides leadership in driving practice and policy innovation in mental health on a global scale.

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Perinatal Mental Health

Our work in perinatal mental health was spearheaded by our clinical colleagues at Providence Healthcare. They noted an opportunity to collaborate with Wellstream to enhance perinatal mental healthcare to improve outcomes for parents and families across their lives. This work has contributed to important shifts in practice and efforts to transform health and social systems to better serve families.

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