About Wellstream

At Wellstream, child and youth mental health and substance use research meets practice and policy for real-world impact. Our name reflects our upstream approach. We are proactive in taking measures to address the determinants of wellbeing and to creating the conditions that foster positive mental health and reduce substance use harms for children, youth and their communities.


At Wellstream, our mission is to drive positive change in child and youth mental health and substance use outcomes across Canada. We are dedicated to identifying and responding to the emergent needs of children, youth, and their communities. Our commitment is to collaborate, innovate, and implement proactive solutions that promote positive mental health and well-being while minimizing substance use harms.

Our vision is to create a Canada where all children, youth, and their broader communities can thrive. Wellstream will lead the way by pioneering innovative approaches that strengthen mental health and minimize substance harms among children and youth. We are committed to producing the evidence, tools, and resources required to protect and promote healthy outcomes. Our national impact extends to millions of children, youth, communities and dedicated professionals working to create a more positive and inclusive future for all.

  • Collaborative
  • Responsive
  • Equity
  • Excellence
  • Impact
  • Strengths-Based